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11 03 2011


March 1st Community Career Fair at OWATC

15 02 2011

The LDS Employment Resource Center is offering a Community Career Fair at The OWATC at 200 N. Washington Blvd. in Ogden.
OWATC Students/Alumni – 2:00 – 3:00

General Public – 3:00 – 6:30 pm.
Come meet with top employers from Northern Utah and explore over 50
training programs!

We look forward to seeing you there, it would be helpful to you if you
were able to bring a resume.

Any questions call Sister Barbara Siglin at the LDS Employment Resource
Center at 1525 Lincoln Ave, Ogden.

C’MON MAN Interview Strategy

28 01 2011

I read an article on interview strategy. Here’s the opening clip:

Think of the big interview as game day. What’s your strategy? How will you practice, suit up and meet the opposing team? Follow our advice so you’re prepared to play your best

The opposing team? Cue Boomer and the boys “C’MON MAN!” The last thing you want to do is go into an interview with the mindset that your potential employer is the enemy. That will generate the negative emotions that are associated with going to battle. And don’t kid yourself, you will come off that way to the employer. How about going into an interview and treating it for what it is: pitching your big idea to a financier who is about to get excited about you and your idea. You are teammates, not arch rivals. This is your CAREER, a long term relationship; not a flash in the pan Monday Night Football game.

Check out one of my favorite C’MON MAN moments from this NFL season

p.s. After all that I will say that there are some articles worth reading on that post.

Utah Job Camp this Thursday January 27 3pm – 8pm

25 01 2011

If you are interested and have some time Thursday you may learn a thing or two at this event to help in your hunt for a job. You don’t have to attend the entire camp, you can pick applicable topics. I worked for LDS Employment Services and I know that they provide above average advice that has been compiled from seasoned and experienced men and women. Hope this will help.

WHAT: Northern Utah Job Camp

WHEN: Thursday, 27 January 2011 (3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.)

WHERE: Bountiful Regional Center
Address:  835 North 400 East, North Salt Lake, Utah

While not a job fair, human resource personnel from dozens of companies will be on hand to offer workshops on such topics as working from home, reinventing yourself and the effective use of social media in business.

The job camp allows us to bring together resources, including speakers and workshops, to a single location, said Richard Vunder, Ogden Manager for LDS Employment Resource Services. Job seekers gain valuable information without the need to drive from place to place to get their questions answered.

Ogden Mayor Matthew Godfrey will speak on ?Positive Economic Changes in Northern Utah. Other speakers will address how to work with recruiters and dealing with the stress of unemployment.
Previous events similar to this have been very popular. It is anticipated that hundreds of people will attend.
LDS Employment Resource Services is open to individuals without regard to religious affiliation. Currently there over 100 LDS employment resource centers in the United States and more than 150 located throughout Africa, Asia, the Pacific, Europe and Latin America.  The centers offer free services, including job postings, job search instruction, resume classes, one-on-one assistance and career services for professionals such as practice video interviews.
Additional Speakers:
4:00    Bruce Muir – Director of Domestic and International Operations for LDS Employment Resource Services “Using LDS ERS to your advantage”
4:45    Jennifer Armistead – “Working with Recruiters”
5:30    Gary Brough – “Dress for Success”
6:15    Dr. Todd Baird – Professor of Psychology and Family Therapist “Dealing With the Stress of Unemployment”

Workshops (Times 3:30, 4:30, 5:00, 6:00, 6:30, 7:30)

Reinventing Yourself, Gustavo Estrada 3:30 & 6:30
Working From Home, Brenda Smith 6:30
Networking Resumes/Informational Interviews, Jeff Foy 3:30 & 5:00
Resumes, Kathleen Alder 3:30 & 5:00
Benefits for the Unemployed, Department of Workforce Services 5:00
Starting a Business, Andrew Willis 6:30
LinkedIn (Social Networking, Shane Otvos 3:30, 5:00, & 6:30
Employment Specialist/Leader Training, Ongoing Throughout Event (Room 5 Dressing Room)

For additional information, call LDS Employment Resource Services at 801-394-8801 or 801-298-4700

Give your resume a name!

4 01 2011

Give your resume a name! It’s simple, but effective. Most search engines ask if you’d like to name your resume when you upload it. Why should you do it? Third party recruiters can get spread pretty thin on time. One of the first steps they take to find a candidate is go to a search engine and perform a quick keyword search such as Product Manager, Java Developer, and Customer Service. Make sure YOUR RESUME comes up at the top of that list.

IT WORKS! Once when I was searching for a job I had 2 companies that were preparing offers for me and I was dead set on my decision. Then at the last moment I received a call from a 3rd company and to be honest I almost didn’t return their phone call. I was glad I did because they ended up being the best fit and offered me the best package as well. After I was hired the recruiter said she found me by using that quick search on and my resume was at the top.

Links to more jobs

21 12 2010

There are times when the positions I have available don’t match a candidate. If that is the case, I would like to just give some tips that may be helpful in the job hunt. Included is a list of places to search online that may expand your job search.

Job search engines (these are your traditional pay to post websites for employers): , , , ,

Gov’t. job search engine:

Metasearch engines (these sites pull from several search engines and websites and act as a broker to link you to those sites): , , , , ,

Alumni boards (you do not have to be an alumnus to job search on the BYU site, the job search on the Utah site is for alumni only but the link below is available to the public and has great links to local newspaper classified ads, etc) :

Small local online networks: ,

Local networking groups: , ,

What we have here is a failure to communicate (in the interview). How to be Cool Hand Luke in the interview.

15 12 2010

There are 3 tips I usually give my clients to help them remain calm in their interviews so they don’t have a “failure to communicate.”

  1. Power statements
  2. Practice questions
  3. Shop around

It’s tough to be prepared for every scenario in an interview, but these are 3 tips that usually help to ease your sweaty palms.

1. Power statements were designed by a board of business men for a non-profit organization’s efforts to help their members find employment. A power statement is a poignant expression of your past work.

e.g.  I am a hard worker. For example, when I worked at X Company I headed up a project focused on transitioning our companies operations. I was able to finish the project 6 months ahead of schedule and as a result I saved the company over $250,000.

Review all your past experiences and write down several of these statements so that you can practice them before hand.

2. Practice answering several of the standard questions that are asked in an interview. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve interviewed, anyone can get a little rusty.

3. Shopping around will keep you cool. Just like dating, you will never sweat when the worst thing that could happen is that you get the girl. The only way to be in that situation is to have more than one option that you are seriously interested in and vice versa.